Top 5 sweet things to photograph

Top 5 sweet things to photograph citrus

Top 5 sweet things to photograph

One of the most essential aims of any food photographer is to make the food look delicious. Despite there being so many things to consider in order to produce a good photograph, such as lighting, angle and display, it doesn’t need to be hard. At Stephen Conroy Photography we believe there are five sweet things that always look yummy on camera.

Ice cream

The whipped texture of ice cream can be captured perfectly on camera. Using the macro feature you will be able to get a clear focus on the tiny air bubbles of the milky dessert. From close ups, to ice cream in a bowl or cone, the patterns and strokes of the dessert will produce a delectable photograph, and the drips of the melting ice cream will only add to this. Just be quick to take the photograph before the ice cream melts completely though!


With its hard shell and soft interior, meringue combines the best of both worlds. Whatever the dessert it is in, the swirled tips of meringues will create an interesting focal point in your photograph. The mix of light and dark cream colours from the blow-torched process provide a delicate sugary texture, which can help to awaken the taste buds.

Citrus fruits

If you cut a citrus fruit into segments you’ll notice the interesting layers of the skin. Citrus fruits can be used to add a pop of colour to another dish or drink, both sweet and savoury. The bright orange, yellow or green rind will add a vibrant burst of zest to your image, instantly catching the eye. The symmetrical patterns of citrus fruits too provide another creative level.

Petit Fours

Known to look delicious, the pastel and rich colours of petit fours will make the sugary sweetness truly stand out on the page. Whether you choose to photograph a number of them or focus on one, the detail of each miniature cake makes them particularly simple to photograph well. The shop windows of Paris wouldn’t be lined with these little confectionaries if they weren’t appealing to the eye after all!

Floral decorations

Not a sweet dessert but a great way of adding a simple and effective touch to your photography, flowers bring out the colours and sugary qualities of desserts. Try positioning pastel coloured rose petals on or around your dish. If rose extract is good enough to use in desserts then it also looks pretty on camera. Small bunches of flowers or flower heads can also add an extra touch of symmetry or detail to a photograph. Think of flowers as the sweet alternative to a garnishing of herbs on savoury dishes.

Have a look at the full photography portfolio of Stephen Conroy. From sweet to savoury dishes, or cocktails, perfecting your skill as a food photographer takes time. Visit the rest of the blog for more food photography tips, or get in touch to inquire about our services for editorial and branded shoots.

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