The customer is always right

The customer is always right hop skip and jump

The customer is always right

...... right? 

The freelancers dilemma.

This is especially evident in a creative job like food photography where there is no true right and wrong. 

You could approach the same photograph 100 different ways.

The career of a food photographer – like anyone self employed - is built on the relationships they form with clients.

Most of the time it is a very informal and friendly bond.

But Clients – whether they are individuals or an advertising or design agency – need to be satisfied.

Just as in life the best teams are just that – a Team – whatever happens.

Its easy to play in a winning team but what happens when things don’t go so well?

Everyone wants to share ownership of a good brief or a successful job

.How strong the relationship is only really shows itself when issues arise.

No one wants to look bad in front of their boss whatever the size of the problem

.So - as freelance photographers aren’t often at the subsequent meetings - the blame game can point at us? 

What should you do?

A high horse is never the best position to occupy – unless you want to see how life is without their bookings!

That’s not to say you shouldn’t be firm. If you truly believe something then stand up for it. Be confident. 

You need to find a solution that is agreeable.

It is even possible to lose a client because they are too embarrassed at their own mistakes to phone you again.

So carry on the “teamwork” ethic and treat it as a shared problem.

Provide solutions – even be prepared to take one or 2 things “on the chin” – but avoid “blame.”

The bottom line is maintaining the respect of clients. If this is retained they will be back for the “next” job.

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