Professional tips for your Christmas food photography

Professional tips for your Christmas food photography roast dinner

Professional tips for your Christmas food photography

Are you thinking about photography for your Christmas promotions?

If so act NOW

You might be surprised to hear that most Christmas photography is done well before. It normally means we are getting in the Christmas Spirit in the summer - but my earliest has been January!


Whether it’s for your brand, a magazine or a menu, professional Christmas food photography will encourage higher sales and reservations.

Christmas sees the restaurant and food industries explode with renewed marketing efforts. With the possibility of making great profits over the Christmas period, professional food photography will set you apart from your competitors. If this is your first time hiring a food photographer for the Christmas period, a good photographer will discuss with you exactly how you want your food to be presented. Do you want it to look comforting and homemade, or sleek and luxurious? How will the photography be used? Factors such as these will help your photographer provide you with the results you want. 

Here’s what to expect from your food photographer on a Christmas shoot.


Preparation is a vital part of food photography and is only more important with your Christmas food. Whether it’s a Christmas turkey, vegetables or Christmas pudding, your food needs to look its absolute best for the photo shoot. This means you will have to choose your best looking vegetables and mince pies to prepare, and present it in accordance with your brand identity.

You photographer will use a tripod wherever possible to make the most of lighting conditions and interesting angles. It will also leave your photographer’s hands free to adjust the composition of the food to show it at its best angle.


You may already know that the natural light look is the best for food. But you probably don’t want a sunny summer light for your wintery promotions. Ask your photographer if they’ll create the right mood so it looks best for your Christmas food. Your food photographer will dress the table and take a few test photographs before the food arrives to make sure the set up works for you and your food.

Setting the scene

When considering your food photography, the background will help you to emphasise your food and make it even more attractive to potential consumers. A top food photographer may recommend avoiding similar background colours to the food. Contrasting colours will make your food stand out and take centre stage, especially when the background is uncluttered. If you’re unsure, or want a ‘Winter Wonderland’ theme, a white background may also work well.

For Christmas food, small details can really make a difference, so you may want to spend some time finding the right cutlery, plate or tablecloth to compliment your food and your brand. Sprigs of holly, mistletoe or decorative baubles will give your food a festive feel. A good food photographer will ensure this isn’t overdone, to avoid a cluttered scene. Simple is always best for food.

Even within a scene good photographers will be able to focus on the dreamy roast potatoes, the slice of Christmas cake, or a pour of cream over a Christmas pudding to make the food the hero of the images. This will help you to sell an entire lifestyle and fantasy of the perfect Christmas to your consumers.

Happy Christmas ;)

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Professional tips for your Christmas food photography roast turkey
Professional tips for your Christmas food photography joint
Professional tips for your Christmas food photography chocolate pudding