New Work : Bonne Maman Compote photography and videos

Bonne Maman Compote photography and videos

New Work : bonne maman photography & videos

Bonne Maman is a brand already associated with quality. With its check pattern on the lids it is very distinctive and well established.

Over approximately 18 months the brief was to update their photography and create a series of videos - specifically for their loyal Facebook following. The videos - produced by Heatwave Pictures - needed to relate both to their traditional consumer but also engage a new audience by demonstarting new ways the Bonne Maman products could be used.

The products chosen were their Salted Caramel sauce, the Apricot and Cherry compotes and Bitter Orange Marmalade. Like many clients they initially wanted quite traditional recipe films but - within a tight budget - I gradually steered the storyboards more towards the style of TV brand commercials....see below.

- Stephen Conroy Food Photographer

Bonne Maman videos

The videos gained 560,000 views on Facebook - at last count - as well as featuring as banner ads on websites like BBC Good Food.

We used a combination of stop frame animation and live action. The strength of these campaigns was that the 'look' of the photos & the films was the same.

If your marketing plans involve both food photography AND food videos please get in touch with me and Heatwave Pictures.