How to Successfully Market Your Health Food Product Using Professional Food Photography

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How to Successfully Market Your Health Food Product Using Professional Food Photography.

In a similar way to marketing any other food product, successfully marketing health foods involves informing your target demographics the benefits of consuming your product. For health food companies, this often comes in the form of demonstrating how your food product is part of an aspirational lifestyle for those wanting to look and feel better about themselves

In 2016, the dominance of the internet and social media on our consumption and brand loyalty has allowed for far more visual and interactive marketing campaigns, where you can show off your health food both as a product and lifestyle choice

Sell your health food as a lifestyle

By shooting your health food as part of a lifestyle, you can immediately generate interest from a wider range of health enthusiasts. For example, an out of focus figure completing a yoga pose in the background of your professional food photography instantly suggests that your food product is suitable for people  who take a holistic approach to their healthy and active lifestyle.

By keeping your product in the foreground and focus, you keep your product the focus of the image, whilst easily suggesting that a healthy and active lifestyle is dependent on your target market buying your food product.

Make Use of Colour

If your health food is colourful, you can easily use this to indicate freshness and healthy properties. By ensuring that your food photography features bright greens, reds, oranges and yellows, you’re signifying to your consumers that the product you’re selling to them is natural and therefore healthy. 

Processed, unhealthy food is usually some shade of brown and can look quite plain. If your health food is a grain or doesn’t happen to be especially colourful, you may wish to dress it with bright, fresh vegetables to add in vibrant colour and send a message that your food is definitely healthy.

Similarly, bright fruit or vegetables finely sprayed with water instantly and plenty of natural light suggest healthy, crisp and fresh food products.

Utilise social media

I have previously discussed using social media as part of a successful food marketing campaign, but social media sites such as Instagram and Pinterest are full of communities of people seeking to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

By placing images of your health foods on these sharing platforms, you can quickly gain large amounts of exposure and encourage interaction from your consumers. By enticing them with beautiful images of your health foods, you can open up a dialogue about the benefits of buying your product and get them to share it throughout their networks.

As these social media sites are so visual, it gives you the prime place to frame your food product as the central piece in an aspirational lifestyle

At Stephen Conroy, the team have experience photographing food products for a wide range of successful companies and playing an integral part in various prominent food marketing campaigns..

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