How to Make Your Pizzas Look Delicious on Camera

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Make Your Pizzas Look Delicious on Camera

A good photograph makes pizza look good, great photographs talk direct to the taste buds and makes your pizza completely irresistible. Pizzas have become one of the decade’s most culturally iconic foods – not only are they the original ‘sharing’ food, we order them to celebrate, to commiserate, at the end of a night out or when we’re indulging in a cosy night in.

Understanding how to take the perfect photo of pizza is essential if you want to increase your sales. Convincing your customer base that your pizza is the missing piece to their day is far easier when you convey the love and skill that’s gone into making it, and an accomplished food photographer can do all this for you.

Ensuring the lighting is correct for photographing pizza gives food photographers so much more control over how the shoot will turn out and will vastly reduce the need for post-production editing. Pizza’s are a relatively greasy or oily food, so as well as the usual range of considerations food photographers take into account, we need to consider controlling and maybe reducing the highlight.

Setting the scene

As a food photographer I will work with you to decide how you want the pizza photographed to represent your product and brand. Do you want a descriptive photograph on a white background for your menus or packaging - or do you want something in a more natural everyday setting to fit in with your target audience's lifestyle?

Depending on what you want, we work to create the perfect scene, styling your food and quickly working with the prepared pizza to ensure the final result is nothing less than flawless.

The finished image - post production

My experience as a food photographer means the lighting, camera, lens and choice of food stylist will mean that post-production editing is minimal but any tweaks will be taken care of for you too.

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