How to Effectively Market Organic Food

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How to Effectively Market organic food

Modern professional food photography is often about making food look elegant, minimal and, well, perfect. When it comes to organic food, however, all traditional rules for food photography are thrown out of the window. The best way to sell organic food is to market it as homemade and hearty, providing plenty of sustenance that could only be otherwise found in Grandma’s secret homemade recipes.

Food is a highly emotive subject to photograph, and by effectively reminding your customers of this emotional connection to food, you’ll sell far more units of your organic range.

the amount of food used

Usually when we’re photographing food, we tend to use a minimal amount of food on the plate for a highly neat and polished finished. When it comes to organic food, however, we often want to evoke memories of hearty portions of nourishing food. Smaller portions suggest restraint, whereas organic food can be marketed as a healthy comfort.

a natural setting

Use of natural materials adds visual interest and contributes towards a loving and caring scene, implying that buying organic is the caring, healthy and loving consumer choice. Even a simple brown paper bag or wooden box can hint at nature and health.

make your organic food look homemade

By allowing for some ‘controlled’ spillage or running over of your food, you can instantly portray a natural, homemade look. Professional food photographers work of every detail to ensure there’s no imperfection with the food when we shoot it, but  deliberate 'natural' spillages can add to the charm of the photographs for a far better impact on the consumer.

It’ll also add an extra element of vibrancy to your photographs that can’t be seen when food is neatly contained in a bowl or on a plate.

Place the emphasis of the photograph on the natural beauty of the food

This holds true for all food, but can go a really long way to effectively market organic foods. During the photoshoot, we’ll identify what it is that makes any particular food product look appealing, before presenting and photographing it in a way to exploit that aspect.

If you’re selling organic chicken, for instance, emphasising the golden crispy skin your consumers can achieve when cooking your product will instantly give them something to aspire to and recreate themselves. The vibrant golden colour of the chicken will also serve as a way of demonstrating the high quality of the meat.

Stephen Conroy and his Food Photography team have a wealth of experience working with restaurants, supermarkets and direct to suppliers to provide stunning natural food photography. Please take a look around the website, and don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your organic food range.

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