Food Photography in your Social Media Marketing Campaign

Food Photography in your Social Media Marketing Campaign Bueno

food photography in your social media marketing campaign

With major food brands and restaurant chains making use of social media campaigns to maintain their relevancy in the 21st century, you need to keep ahead of the game in order to maintain and expand your following. No social media campaign can be successful without a vibrant visual component from which to sell the ‘lifestyle’ that accompanies your food products. 

So, how can your professional food photography shoot be used to transform your social media marketing campaign?  Ultimately, you’re maximising the visual appeal of your food and positioning it as an essential part of your consumers’ lives, and professional food photography will add to various levels of this.

Entice people in to create a community

By using professional food photography as your starting point, you can start utilising social media to cultivate a community around your product and your brand. Even big chains of restaurants or a large food brands, need to cultivate an approachable ‘authentic’ brand image.

By initially enticing people in with high quality food photography that fits in with your desired brand image, you can start encouraging an active community and following across social media platforms. By getting your customers talking to each other (about your products or restaurants), not only do you deepen a sense of customer community, but you increase levels of customer loyalty.

Your food photography should be influenced by customer demographic

Any marketing campaign, whether through social media or offline channels, should start with some idea about your customer demographics.

Knowing these demographics will inform your professional food photography shoot, but also how you use those photos online. If you happen to have a large consumer base of young females, you shouldn’t be afraid to post your food photography to social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest.  

These image based social networks are some of the best places to increase brand loyalty, expand your customer base and showcase your food. By following your target consumers on social media, you can build up a solid, successful social media strategy and understand exactly what your customers are looking for in appealing professional food photography.

You don’t need to spend large amounts of money on your food photography (or marketing campaign)

A beautiful part of social media marketing campaigns is that by engaging with your consumers, your brand will end up building up user-generated content. This is not only seen as trustworthy by other potential consumers, but it should raise your brand’s profile across social media platforms.

Similarly, you don’t need to spend large amount of money on professional food photography to start your campaigns. At Stephen Conroy Photography, we tailor all our pricing to your individual specifications and requirements. Using a wealth of photography AND brand experience we will create food images to reflect brand image for successful marketing campaigns.

If you’d like to learn more about the food photography services we offer here at Stephen Conroy Food Photography. Please take a look around the website, and don’t hesitate to contact us.

Food Photography in your Social Media Marketing Campaign Bueno
Food Photography in your Social Media Marketing Campaign Bueno bar
Food Photography in your Social Media Marketing Campaign chocolate