Food photography for the small business

Food photography for the small business Thai restaurant

Forward thinking London Thai restaurant go ahead with rebrand

"We are finding your photos are making so much difference to our shop.  Thanks for such a great job....what you call genius.  A real professional"

In these of days google rankings my client reach has grown as clients of all sizes can find me. Increasingly so small - or independent businesses - are realising the benefits of professional food photography.

many clients come to me having already gone down the route of " mate with a camera".

While that may be an understandable approach when money is tight - photographing food is very specialist - and normally money & time is wasted.  A recent job for a London Thai restaurant was a good example of all of this.

Spicy Basil in Kilburn is a well established - and loved - business. If the proof of a good restaurant is in its reviews then Spicy Basil certainly has that. During my normal online research of a new client the feedback I found was glowing. They had previously undertaken photography of their dishes for their menu and display but weren't happy with the results. This time Angsana - the owner - ensured her husbands expensive camera wasn't going to be involved!

Many smaller businesses assume that food photographers will either be too expensive or think we only work for big brands. Angsana was the opposite. She wanted the dishes she loved to be treated with as much importance as McDonalds do their burgers or Marks & Spencer do their ready meals. Her excitement was refreshing but not a surprise - this was her baby. She is very proud of her business and it feels like one big family working hard for each other - and their customers.

I always promote the importance of having a food stylist (also known as a home economist) to make the food look its best.

My judgement and advise was instantly trusted

Food Stylist Nico (@Modern_Husband) and I had a great morning with the team at Spicy Basil and left feeling very appreciated ......... and full. The great hospitality meant we sampled about 10 things off the menu!

All in all is was a good example of why food photographers are worth it. We created pictures beyond what the client expected and they realised what a difference a food stylist can make even to the nicest food.

But the biggest praise was that Angsana's husband admitted she was right to get us involved and for him to keep his camera at home!
I can't wait to visit again and see the images on display

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