Film : Daddy Cool - Fathers Day Breakfast

This positive & happy short film was based on the childish excitement of Christmas Day morning 

...the twist being the child is excited to be making a Fathers Day breakfast with light hearted results.

Directed by Stephen Conroy using clean natural lighting set in a modern family home. 

The aim of the story was to stimulate the taste buds showing off a classic full english breakfast while retaining a 'real' believable childish feel.

It features the food styling skills of Emma Jane Frost, and editing talents of Joseph Wolfenden-Williams

Try it for yourself..............

What a way for Dad to start the day, seeing their children's incredibly proud faces staring up at them on Fathers Day, with a plate of delicious cooked breakfast!

Simple treat 

We all love gifts from the children to be something that involves 'effort' rather than something materialistic. Time 'creating' something special for you, rather than picking up that 'easy' chocolate bar gift, is so much more special. The aim was to create a film that encouraged being creative in the kitchen, with help of course, and inspire that feeling of 'giving' - and the enjoyment children can gain from it. 


From a young age, children can help in the kitchen - it is simply down to the time we can devote to them and the patience we can offer. We know everything we normally do will take twice as long but its about learning! So in this film, it is clear that the little hands only helped with the areas of the breakfast that were safe to do so. There are areas of cooking where the children, however little, can help in the kitchen, yet stay safe. Pouring the juice, cracking the eggs, shaking the sausages to prevent too much browning, pouring the beans in to the pan and stirring them, laying the bacon onto the grill, making the toast.

Obviously watch naked flames and hot pans, let them stand on a safe stool to reach the correct working height but most of all don't be too precious - have fun! 

Allow their hands and enthusiasm to help you create a great start to Fathers Day.