Every food photographer’s basics

Every food photographer’s basics refreshing drinks

Ever wondered how food photographer’s make even the ugliest dish look so appetising?

Here are some very basic food photography tips...........

Food doesn’t always just tumble onto the plate looking delicious and it is the food photographer’s job - along with the food stylist - to move it around and mess with it until it looks irresistible.

Camera and lighting aside every food photographer brings a few basics to every photo shoot and we’re going to let you in on what those are.

Kitchen Towels and Cotton buds

Shifting food around a plate can get messy.  It’s important that there isn’t sauce and oil smudged all around the crockery so towels and Q-tips are essential for mopping up and spills and unsightly dribbles.


Ever wondered how those herbs were so meticulously balanced on top of the food? It didn’t happen by accident!

Food photography can sometimes be a balancing act, tweezers are essential for picking up tiny bits of food without upsetting the rest of the display.

Spray bottle and glycerin

Food has a shelf life, so it’s important to get that all-important shot before it starts to droop or dry out. 

Don’t believe the myth that everything is oiled and sprayed to make it look fresh....if it is done properly, it is fresh!

Now there is no need to rely on the 50/50 mixture of glycerin and water - used in a spray bottle - to freshen up food and give it an attractive shiny looking glaze.

Squeezy bottle

A squeezy bottle is essential for beautifully decorating your dish with strategically applied sauce or condiments. 

Drizzle away to your heart’s content.


Toothpicks are great for picking things up in a similar way to the tweezers, but are even more useful for keeping food held firmly in place.

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