What you can expect the first time you hire a food photographer

In an increasingly competitive market, more and more companies are turning to professional food photographers. Here’s what to expect.

Food photography is a great way;

*To entice consumers to buy your brand,

*Draw customers to come into your restaurant

*Encourage people to try the recipes in your book

*Give customers not only something to look at, but a lifestyle to aspire to.

More than anything, good food photography will give you an edge against your competitors, which is why it’s essential to use a professional food photographer. It is not just a case of having a camera. In our trade, we use a lot of tricks and techniques to achieve stunning results.

We don’t use a camera-mounted flash

For any decent food photographer, camera-mounted flashes are practically off-limits. By using light front on to your food, we would flatten the look of the dish and eliminate any delicate shadows. Using backlighting offers far more dramatic results that make your food look stunning.

We will always have a tripod

As professionals, there’s nothing worse than achieving the perfect composition for a shot and having it ruined by a camera shake. As such, all professional food photographers will use a tripod. This way, we can ensure our shots are accurate, clear and beautiful.

Props can make or break a photograph

By choosing the right props, we can influence the mood and success of the shot. Your viewer will only register these props subconsciously, but they make all the difference to your profits at the end of the day. Part of food photography is selling people an aspirational lifestyle of some kind, so you need your food, brand and props to all convey the same brand message. It means we can easily transport your food into the minds of everyone who sees your advertisements or menus, leading to greater sales and success.

We’ll be moving round a lot

Composition is another way you can really be sold a menu or brand of food. We will be making sure that all cutlery and crockery is in the right place and thinking of various possible compositions. Some dishes will look stunning when photographed from above due to a strong graphic look, and others, such as tiered wedding cakes, are photographed better from a lower angle. We get the composition perfect for each shot so the food is always shown at its best.

If you’d like to learn more about the food photography services we offer here at Stephen Conroy Food Photography. Please take a look around the website, and don’t hesitate to contact us.

Stephen Conroy
Food Photographer & Director