New in store menu boards for Sesame restaurant

Sesame is a Middle Eastern & Mediterranean influenced food-to-go concept. Opened by Ottolenghi co-founder Noam Bar earlier this year in Covent Garden it aims to recreate flavours of market & street food - and is highly recommended.

Generous grilled meat filled flatbreads, crunchy salads and cous cous dishes are all served in an funky interior.

My personal favourite is the Spiced Lamb filled pitta of salad, mint yoghurt and tahini with Sesame's fabulous Zhoug - a herby, smoky chilli paste. Wash that down with a Mint Lemonade and you will definitely leave very happy.

I was commissioned by the award winning Here Design to produce the food photography for the new in store menu boards. The images needed to be "instant & descriptive" - as well as delicious - so the customers are in no doubt what they are purchasing.

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Stephen Conroy
Food Photographer & Director