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* Creativity + Problem Solving + Teamwork = Results


Being brought up in a very creative family, it was natural that I would be drawn to the arts.

I certainly don't get my pens and paints out as much as I used to but I still like to carry a sketch book around for when ideas pop in my head. Despite all the technical kit you need for top quality food photography I definitely rely on that inner creativity everyday.

I've been in the business around 20 years now. It is a great job - we have fun surrounded by food - and I photograph it! Pretty simple. I made a good choice.

My photography

As you are looking at a specialist food photography website you are probably already serious about wanting great food photographs? 

Choose your food photographer because you love their work and they have proven output. Don't fall into the trap of dreaming big then going down the route of "mate with a camera" to save money - you won't in the long run.

Over the years I have probably photographed most cuisines & types of food product you could think of. So I believe I offer more than just the photos. You are able to make the most of that experience and be confident that not only can I photograph your idea - I can give you better results than you imagined. Basically trust.

My creative thinking and the subsequent output is all about making my clients results the best they can be.

My approach is to produce fresh and natural images for everyone - from global brands to local start ups.

If I improve your business we grow together. Along the way we'll have fun as well.

A good job or a returning client has always been a much bigger pat on the back than an award.

* Get in touch today * No set prices - quotes are tailored to each job * Photographs delivered next day for most jobs *

Clients include Heinz, Glenfiddich, Kinder, Knorr, McDonalds & Tesco.

I can organise all aspects of a shoot myself including the whole team. My two London studios have a purpose built editing & production suite as well as fully equipped kitchens.

I have also successfully transferred my style & experience in shooting food to directing food films

Below are just a few of the many categories I specialise in.........